*Born in Rome in 1960, Roberto Fantini has had a long and varied career in the arts, working as a professional ballet dancer, actor and photographer as well as painter and sculptor. He spent 14 years traveling and living outside Italy, a period that included long sojourns in Asia and in particular Tibet, before returning to Rome in 2000. Fantini’s travels have had a powerful impact on his work, contributing to a primitif quality reminiscent of ancient tribal art.

Fantini’s images rely on an elaborate layering technique which is often combined with cloth insertions. His trademark black outlines and simplified areas of color create an authenticity that speaks directly to the viewer and has won him a large following in Italy and abroad.


*Il mio percorso artistico di è lastricato di esperienze, le più svariate: la danza a livelli importanti, quindi la moda, la recitazione e la fotografia come vera professione, l’arte in tutte le sue forme.

My artistic path is paved with experiences, the most varied: dance at important levels, then fashion, acting and photography as a true profession, art in all its forms.


*Così FANTINI ci fa entrare attraverso uno stile immediato ed una tecnica elaborata in un mondo, come quello dell’infanzia e dell’adolescenza, il cui il simbolico predomina sul reale.

So FANTINI lets us enter through an immediate style and a technique elaborated in a world, like that of childhood and adolescence, whose symbolic predominates over reality.