I had my self-taught painter Father as an example and I started to exhibit as self-taught with my father from a young age (13 years). Then attending my studies in art I graduated at the 1st Artistic High School in Rome. At the same time I was attending another classical and modern dance school. I had experiences dancing for TV shows and in the theater. I made the model for fashion houses where he took me to visit many different cultures in the world. I lived 14 years between France and England. I had experiences as an actor and a fashion photographer. In times of pause I liked to draw and paint but I only did my profession when after 14 years living abroad I returned to Italy in Rome in 2000. It was a need for creation and need and I had at the beginning a discreet little success working with some galleries in Italy France Holland.
Surprise, imagination and play are the main elements of my work where, within each work, a simple element can be the starting point for a fantastic story.
My references go, in their formal stylization, from the archetypal figures to those of the contemporary in a circular continuum of interference, references and references that see as protagonists faceless children and girls who find themselves and seek themselves in a fantastic and surreal game. The meeting with the other, with the object and with the animal, becomes a chance to question the identity and uniqueness that characterizes each of us.
The candid purity of my protagonists, absorbed in delicate matters, captures the viewer interrupting the feeling of the incessant passing of time. The bystanders or poised figures stand out against even undefined scenarios. Young human presences approached to animals and objects communicate in a state of suspension made of total complicity with themselves and the other.
The circularity and the circle in the form of soap bubbles, lollipops, the game is an element that we find very often in my works. The return to childhood and adolescence makes us think of the Eternal Child whom Jung spoke of, here present in the form of a white, white form that keeps his identities hidden, but which by pure formal grace is a woman. In a harmonious agreement my protagonists maintain a dual nature that oscillates between sensibility and reason, plasticity and pure form.
With a characteristic lightness and discipline typical of dance, which has had great importance in my training, I carefully place the figures as if it were a choreography. With a strong introspective and speculative character, my young presences interact in a synchronic and cadenced way, showing themselves in elegant postures. Set in metaphysical contexts, they are gathered in a state of primordial stupor that is not only repeated but is continually renewed in the presence of the double or multiple of itself.
The game plays a role in conferring that sense of randomness, order, vertigo and internal repetition to the works. This, besides being visible in objects, is traceable to the alternation of repeated shapes and colors in the form of a puzzle. Through it, I transmit the sense of freedom and spontaneity that arise from a harmonious and disinterested relation to the other. The play of proportions and balances, the decorations that fit between apparently similar figures, show the constant re-evaluation and questioning by myself of the facts concerning the representation.
Innocence, amazement and attention to things thus become the main characteristics of that world that we should all rediscover.